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Your Insurance Agent: A Resource During The Coronavirus Outbreak


We are living through a time of great change, but thankfully, your local insurance agent is a resource for you.

Insurance Policy Questions

Your local agent, and the insurance companies in the USA, are here to help you through this challenging time. If you have financial concerns due to a furlough, lay-off, or your small business is closed with cash flow at a standstill, our local agency may be able to offer advice.

What Do I Do About My Insurance During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

If you have questions about life insurance, health insurance, workers’ compensation, business insurance, or other type of insurance, your best resource is your local agent. Rather than wading through online information, you can get your questions answered personally.

Life Insurance

Some of our clients are interested in life insurance and may be unsure how this can be accomplished without meeting in person. We can meet with you in a video consultation, or by phone, create the documents you need, and have them sent to you. Once you receive them, we can discuss the details, so you understand your coverage.

Life insurance can provide you with peace of mind about your family in these difficult times. One of the greatest benefits is that the benefits are not taxable, and available almost immediately. Many people have put off buying life insurance, and are now reconsidering the decision, choosing to buy either term life insurance or whole life insurance. In either case, ensuring your family is protected in the worst case scenario does bring a degree of peace of mind.

We Focus On You

With all the multitude of changes in how businesses and individuals can operate during the pandemic, we are doing everything we can to reduce the anxiety and stresses related to your insurance policies. As members of your community who live and work here, we offer our assistance should you need it.

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5 Stars!

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